McCain Technological Group

A Division of McCain Technological Industries!

Welcome to McCain Technological Group.  We are a division of McCain Technological Industries.

McCain Technological Industries is divided into two sub-divisions each dealing its own specialty's 

McCain Technological Group deals a lot with custom built computers, websites, and printing. We are also Tech Consulting Firm and will consult on design aspects of many different types of technologies from computers to cell phones and tablets.With future expansions into CGI animation, software development, engineering, legal documentation, and security consulting.  We also handle custom logo design as well as home design on a limited basis. 

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The Second division of McCain Technological Industries is McCain Health and Nutrition this division handles the health/beauty aids product line of our company.  At  McCain Health and Nutrition we are very devoted to the health and nutrition of our customers and will remain as such for as long as our doors are open. Eventually we will have our own clothing line. 



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